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his recent tax victory he drew a hard line in his weekly address. >> one thing i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay the bill for a tab they racked up. >> house speaker, john boehner, who won re-election for the speakership this week, told his conference that he planned to use the debt limit as leverage to cut spending. in the republican address, john boehner was echoed. >> we are crushing today's small businesses, and the next generation of americans under a mountain of debt. if the fight sounds fap, it is. during the summer of 2011, the country had its credit down graded after the president and lawmakers had a bruising fight over the debt limit. on friday, cnbc's jim cramer told andrea mitchell, there could be a big battle. >> a lot of companies will report in the next few weeks and they will say, we are more
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cloudy because we are not sure what cuts are coming. >> reporter: there are two other budget deadlines looming coming in the up coming months that could cloud immigration reform, pressing for stiffer gun control laws and new energy policies. >> the state of the yien will be critical here. >> joe lockhart served under bill clinton, and he said to achieve his policy goals he has to build public support, a strategy he had more before his second term. >> he has to layout a political game plan on how he is selling it and hit the road. go city on city, and create an environment where it's, very, very difficult for republicans to oppose him. >> reporter: now also on the horizon according to multiple sources, president obama could announce his pick for secretary of defense as early as the start of next week. those who are familiar with the decision making process say, former nebraska senator, chuck
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hagel is at the top of the list but the president has not yet made his final decision. >> safe travels back to d.c., thank you. >> thank you, my friend. >> congressman paul ryan, catching a lot of flack for voting no on the superstorm sandy relief money, in a statement, he said unfortunately washington's legislative response fails on both counts, it refuses to distinguish or even prioritize disaster relief over pork spending. dave, good to see you. that scaled down bill, it passed 354 to 67, all of the no votes came from republicans, many said they were concerned about extra unnecessary spending, for instance, $150 million for fisheries in alaska, and museum roofs in washington, a hospital in vermont. what is going on here that vote
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total is significant. after hurricane katrina, there was ten no votes for a bigger package. this that was passed, after being umill 80ed by chris christie, was just adding money back to the flash flood plan. not the big plan they complained about. every time spending comes up, there will be a massive fight with a larger than ever group of republicans willing to take the party to an embarassing position, this is a bill where by congressional standards. there was way too much pork in the bill. >> not really what they passed on friday. i mean -- >> but the initial bill, the initial bill. >> i mean, there were pieces put in there for honestly for states that requested money from previous disasters, you know,
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the east coast is devastated, other states have been waiting for money to set things up. they made the arguments for them. these were not seen as horribly controversial, they have had much more controversial bills in the past. the fact that you had 67 votes just for this portion means anything to be funded will be difficult. you did not have eric cantor whipping out opposition. the fact that paul ryan voted know v no, indicates that one of the loudest voices will raise heck every time it comes up. >> until probably one is maybe hits wisconsin or something. republicans are saying that the rest of the sandy aid, two different bills thatted a up to $50 billion, have been scrubbed. essentially removing all of the earmarks here. for folks that are not family with the process, how do these things get tacked on in the first place? >> they get tacked on.
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congress has taken itself out of the process of amending these things. the last congress banned earmarearmark s. it's done even more in an opaque way for members kind of recommending things as the committee chairman put the bills together, you know, the complaints make sense, i don't mean to dismiss them, but instead of, you know, maybe talking to the senators and the representative from alaska about why they wanted this, the reaction is to vote it all down and criticize the act of doing it. there's not a lot of negotiation, there's kind of shame-facedly putting more money in the bill and then there's denunciation and not much communication between. >> and even the fiscal cliff deal. this is some of the stuff that was tacked on to the fiscal cliff bill in the midnight hours t $430 million for tax breaks
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for hollywood fill and tv producers. $70 million in tax incentives for nascar track builders. and $59 million in tax credits for algea categories and 15 million for asparagus categories. when people complain about the government and the process. when people complain about congress as a collective group, not necessarily of course their individual congressman, this is precisely what they are talking about, is it not? >> not just people, remember when the s&p down graded the rating, when they did it, the reason they said, the key reason was that congress was not going to do anything serious about taxes. and these were the kinds of tax breaks that everyone campaigned against in 2012. everyone was criticizing the tax breaks for jobs, shipping jobs overseas, and some of that was in the bill. i thought you were going to
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mention the rum tax break in port rico. things like that. >> we were not opposed to that. we did not mention that because we like the rum tax break. >> i'm a neutral journalist when it comes to that. we will have to leave it there. i do appreciate you and enjoy your work at "slate," thank you. >> thank you. >> the obama administration took another step this week toward immigration reform, a rule change will allow some illegal immigrants in the country to apply for permanent residence status if they have a close relative that is a citizen. the president said that he is determined to overhaul the immigration process. >> i said that fixing the broken immigration program is top priority. i will introduce legislation to get it done in the first year. we have talked about it long enough, we know how we can fix it. we can do it in a comprehensive way that the american people support. that is something we should get done. >> i want to bring in a
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congressman from the president's home state. congressman, good to see you again, sir. >> pleasure. >> thursday's rule change could effect hundreds of thousands of people already in the country illegally, are you happy with the change? >> well, look, i am, because it's going to help people keep their families together. it was not all we asked for. but it's a significant step in the right direction. here is what it does, it says if you are an american citizen and you are applying for a green card for your wife, or an american citizen and applying for a green card for your husband. your immediate children, you do not have to go back to ireland or poland or mexico to get the green card and apply for it, you can apply for it here and get the approval here, that way you just have to go back to your country of origin to pick it up instead of spending months there. and as we know, it's often a dangerous place to go. this will help a lot of people
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getting through this burdensom process. >> you took a major step, you moved to the judiciary committee, and said, we can't wait and wait and wait for immigration reform and i am finding an enthuz yam for action that i have not seen on capital hill for years. >> how do you better advocate for immigration reform from the judiciary committee? >> it's the committee of jurisdiction. i want to be there to work with my democrat and republican colleagues to make sure we foster a sense of unity and compromise and let's get it done. i want to make sure that i look people in the eye and say, look, i am not going to play politics, let's get it done. let's set the politics aside. tomb people, you know, greg every day, a thousand people get deported, that means 200 american citizen children lose a
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mom or dad. our system is broken. the president is headed in the right direction, i want to be from their to give it an extra push. >> would you prefer to see white house present a grand plan, if you will, a piece of legislation or would you rather see the administration outline the contours of the debate and allow congress to develop a plan within the parameters? >> either one. i will respect the president at either level. but what -- here is what i think is very important. that he says what his principals are, right? kind of say, hey, these are my principals the things that i believe in, the things that a bill should include and he should make those and then he should call senator menendez and rubio and paul ryan and others in the republican and democratic k kau cuss so we can get together
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and huddle. >> he can call us all together and lead. he has a very commanding position right now. he won the election by 5 million votes and a corner stone of his re-election and everyone agrees with this, is immigration reform and the commitment he made to it. i want him to gather us all together, invite us over the and get us together, and make it like the fiscal cliff. make it as important as gun violence in the united states. >> we don't -- >> make it an important priority for him, in terms of calling people together and making sure. look, and i mean -- >> that doesn't seem to work so well in washington. >> let we just say this, here is the difference with immigration and the fiscal cliff, we are this, we are separated with the fiscal cliff, on guns there's a great void and vacuum between us, on immigration, you can have a senator rubio and a former presidential candidate talking about it. >> he said that he would prefer
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to see a piece by piece approach. you are saying that you want to be seeing something done comprehensively. there is a gap between the two of you. >> here is the difference. maybe i see the glass half full because i see suffering and pain that exists and i'm optimistic about the future. here is why i see the glass half full, before the election, here was the debate. they should all just leave, 12 million of them, self-deport. every other state should copy the law in arizona. the freedom act, let's veto that. now look at the republican party, saying we want to sit at the table. i'm not saying that everything is rosie and done, and it's all ready. but there's a different sense of ready to compromise and ready to work and i think that is what we need in washington, d.c. we have to think about the people who are being harmed by our broken immigration system and go to
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work for them. and if we do that, i think we will do better as a member of congress. >> when we get you back here next time and hopefully we get you back here in a few weeks to talk about it. and i want to talk about the record number of deportations that we have seen in the administration as well. >> also a pleasure, thank you. >> from the devastation of superstorm sandy. it could impact criminal cases in new york city. we will explain that. and guess who is making a cam yo on the 30-rock next. we will give you a clue, there may or may not be a role for the people's gavel to play as well.
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>> hurricane sandy's impact is reaching past homes and brings and now disrupting criminal trials in new york city, who warehouses where they kept all the evidence flooded. the nypd, has 20 officers, six civilians and a captain trying to recover the evidence. all of this according to the "new york times" it flooded 11,000 barrels of evidence. steve, first of all, what was in the barrels? the barrels included dna evidence, cloth, clothing, drugs, guns, there were cars. all the kinds of things that could be associated with a case. >> in at least six criminal trials the evidence was inaccessibility, how big of a problem is this, potentially? >> those six cases are just the tip of the iceberg, we handle
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300,000 cases but 213,000 cases are criminal cases. so the idea that only six cases with 11,000 barrels inaccessibility damaged or loft, i think what the real concern here is that in many cases there will be a grave injustice because the evidence is not available and we are concerned about wrongful convictions as a result of the situation. >> you were -- what happened in latest case you were involved in. >> the report was presented about the evidence showed and what it was, and the individual was unable to confront the evidence, and fundamental to the system is you are able to challenge how the evidence is collected, tested, and presented. if we have learned anything about dna, it lead to wrongful
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confictions if it's not presented properly. >> how do you proceed when dna is a critical part of the case? >> we may not know in these cases which ones are effected. in new york, it's one of 14 states in the country who have yet to reform the discovery laws. in new york, we have trial by ambush, you do not find out what the evidence until the trial. if you are sued in a consumer case or a contract case, you have the right to discovery, and a copy of the contract, not so in a criminal case in new york. this is a situation that highlights the need for discovery reform in new york. we have asked the police for an accounting of all cases that are effected and incumbent on them to provide it and if not, we have to go to court. i hope we don't have to, but we may have to. >> in your zeal to make sure that rights will not get
1:20 pm
-- trampeled, are bad guys going to get off? >> we are just not evaluating what the consequences will be, before we proceed further, it's important for the police to provide the information about what cases are effected, so that everyone, the prosecution and the defense can assess what is going on in the cases. >> steve banks, chief lawyer for the legal aid society, i appreciate you being here keep us posted on all this stuff too. >> thanks for having me. >> worst congress ever? even the congress in the 'fourpts passed more bills. a deep dive into that coming up. and why the house on capitol hill freed for compromise this weekend. [ man ] visa prepaid opened a new world for me.
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>> let's go ahead and take another visit to the political playground, nancy pelosi putting comedy skills to the test, she will appear in "30 rock." she said that she was following orders and said in a statement that she will do anything tina fey asks. and mike crapo losing his license for a year after pleading guilty to drunk driving. the senator is more monday and in the past he is said that he does not drink, and he has since apologized and he has said that he has been downing a few vodka tonic is, another show like the jersey shore is generating its own political controversy, it's
1:25 pm
called "buckwild." it is set in west virginia and premiered thursday. if the senator from massachusetts had his way, he would have not had it air at all. he asked mtv to stop airing the show. wild and wonderful, you know that the 112th congress really needed divine chaplaine started the session on new year's day. >> when viewed from the perspective of our differences, not be under mined by a desire for political victory. this is difficult for all. >> the 112th congress of course will be remembered as one of the most contentious that we have
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seen in not so recent history. could lance armstrong be considering admitting to using performance enhancing drugs and republicans and democrats are they open to compromise when it comes to the debt ceiling? the next cliff we are approaching, we will give you a primer on that battle, next, you are watching msnbc, your place for politics even on a saturday afternoon. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy... instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. kills heartburn fast. yeehaw! the blissful pause just before that rich sweetness touches your lips. the delightful discovery, the mid-sweetening realization that you have the house all to yourself.
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is considering publically admitting using performance enhancing drugs that were banned. he may be interested in talks with anti-doping officials, armstrong's attorney will not confirm that, and the doping agency has no comment. flu season across the country continues to get worse. as of last week, 18 children have died from flu complications, more than 2,000 have been hospitalized and the woman who held the title as the old on estimate living u.s. citizen has died. she died wednesday in georgia and she was 114 years old. back to politics now, out with the old, in with the new. the 113th congress was sworn in this week, but the predecessor, the 112th, has earned the distinction as the least productive congress since we started keeping records, and that says a lot.
1:31 pm
joining me now, political scientist and resident scholar, you wrote this about the 112th congress in an op-ed for the washington post as far back as april. this is a snip here. we have been studying washington politics and congress for more than 40 years and never have went seen them this dysfunction, however, we have no choice but to acknowledge that the core of the problem lies with the republican party. that was not nine months ago, it got a lot worse. how did you guys arrive at the republican party being the blame. >> it's not the only blame, but it's 90/10 though. as you look at the past, where you had occasions where each party obstructed what a president wanted to do, but it was of a -- to a degree. and what we have seen in the last four years and certainly especially for the 112th
1:32 pm
congress was a level of pure obstructionism and a level of ideology that went beyond a conservative party to buying a radical party. that is why we gave the book the title, "it's even worse than it looks," and it looks awfully bad. >> there was a study that finds that there's an increase in congressional incivility, every time we have a turn over congress. the 112th was a turnover congress. so was the 104th, when clinton was president >> if you look at the genesis for the dysfunction that we have in our politics, the parties operating the way they are, almost the tribal atmosphere, a lot of it was generated not just by the gingrich led congress, but what led up to it. 16 years before that where newt was trying get a republican
1:33 pm
majority, it took 40 years in total, took him 16 years. but he created a division, or helped to propel one that led us in the direction. it's one thing if you have parties that see themselves as adversaries and know you have to compromise, but when you have a party that is in opposition for the president and says if he is for it even if i was for it, i'm against it now. >> eight senators voted against it, this kind of bipartisan ship on such a contetious bill, almost unheard of here, do we think that maybe perhaps the culture is changing? >> well, if you look at the senate, i do think we are seeing a different senate. what i find striking though is that you get 89 senators, including the vast majority of republicans including some very, very conservative members like pat toomy of pennsylvania and
1:34 pm
ron johnson of wisconsin. all voting for that bill. but in the house, instead of having 90% of the party vote for it, it was 2-1 against. so they are a different category of people, and the challenge for speaker boehner is, there's more bills. if anything gets done, he has to bring more bills to the floor and can he stay in a strong position as speaker. that's the key for the next two years. >> normal ornstein, thank you so much, do appreciate you, sir. >> thank you. >> will the 113th congress fare any better than its predecessor. let's bring in the brain trust. robert costa, washington editor for the national review.
1:35 pm
good saturday afternoon to all of you. white house in the last congress did manage to squeeze the fiscal cliff deal through. but many americans aren't happy with the results. i want to throw up numbers here. this is a gap up po-- this is a gallup poll that finds 43% of the country proves. 65% of republican s disapproved. what can the new congress, what can they do if anything to turn it around? >> one of the major challenges is the way that the republicans have undertaken the process of arriving at any kind of legislation that the american public is behind. >> yeah. >> it is the process that has been completely bastardized and become so dysfunctional that 112 got labeled the do-nothing
1:36 pm
congress. and i think that part of the challenge is, certainly with president obama, and the negotiation that will happen with the debt ceiling. >> yeah. >> the difference between compromise versus capitulation, part of the, no question, there will be additional compromise but the hard ball fight will be around the debt ceiling and specifically the entitlement reforms that republicans seek with social security and medicare. and the challenge for the president is he willing to play hard ball. since the republicans know right now no other way to play politics. >> i talked to a congressman, from oklahoma, he said that republicans and democrats literally rarely even talk to each other. i want you to take a listen here and we will talk about it on the other side. >> well, what we need to do is drop the label of republican and democrat, do what is best for the country, because we were sent there to represent the people not our party.
1:37 pm
>> and he goes on to talk about at orientation how they are on separate buses. i mean, it really does sound kwies silly, robert costa. >> it's very easy to the wagon your finger at the political process. but the fiscal cliff has a lot of positive lessons, there are few of them right now, but one of them is when harry reid, when they are not getting along and they are not able to cobble together a deal but talks have stalled between president obama and speaker boehner, what happens when politics happens. michigan mcconnell calls up vice president biden and the deal is struck. that is politics, it's messy. >> a lot of folks that casually follow politics will say, that it doesn't have to be that messy. there's no reason to -- >> it's always that messy, craig. >> it's not always that messy. you know that. >> very often congress is. we saw even on the house familiar this week. speaker boehner is having a hard time with his own party.
1:38 pm
not only with, between the parties is it rough, but it's rough within the parties. >> perry, congress, i want to follow-up with what robert costa said there, has it always been this bad more maybe it missed something? >> i do not agree that it has always been this bad. particularly how few laws that congress has passed that is historically unusual. a small number of laws. we should note that i'm not sure that house republicans, you talk to allen west and rand paul, they did not come to washington to pass a lot of laws. they came to washington to block what happen president obama was doing. to say they were unproductive, that w that was their intention when they came here. was to slow down legislation, it was not an accident. >> picking up on that point, i think we are witnessing the republicans being successful at the agenda they set. they said at the beginning of president's first term, our one intention is to stop the president.
1:39 pm
insofar as they have failed in terms of passing legislation, in terms of how they stopped and blocked the president, they have been in too many ways successful. >> we have got to pay bills here, people have to be paid here. we have a lot of folks that work here. we have to take a quick break and when we come back, i want to pick up where we left off, and what happened behind close doors when boehner took members of congress aside for a frank talk. we will talk about that. resources they need. bright students are getting lost in the shuffle. and administration's work gets more complex every year. when you look at these issues, do you see problems or opportunities?
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for the washington view. thanks for coming back. i want to pick off where we left off. we were talking about the diversity of the new congress. we have got the first openly gay member in the senate. we have got a aa mputee who flew helicopters in the war, we have women. what will it do to alter the tone, if anything? >> and another thing, this is first time that the majority of house democrats are not white males. another change we have seen as well. i think it may add to the partis partisanship, there's more openly liberal members of the senate than before. you have baldwin from wisconsin, i don't think that it will reduce the partisanship, the average house democrat is more to the left than they used to be. so are the senate democrats. the republicans are more to the right. i think we have big ideological
1:44 pm
divides and that makes it harder to find compromise. >> the president was able to get the fiscal cliff deal through. and it may have alienated the core supporters. take a listen. >> as i said before, no deal is better than a bad deal and this looks like a very bad deal the way it's shaping up. >> do liberals fear that the president is giving away too much? do they feel he is giving away too much to make a deal, esther? >> the fact that we have a larger openly liberal set of democrats coming into the house means that we will see a ideological battle. especially when the up coming negotiations are coming with the debt ceiling. with social security, and medicare, those are big serious ideological spaces for the liberals so i think you will see the ways in which their unhappiness with the president will manifest with how the negotiations take place.
1:45 pm
that is no question that liberals feel that the gave in? >> don't they always feel that? >> and that the white house compromised, the i think the liberals were the aaccused of being the professional left. there's a concern on how the seniors, when we think of social security and medicare, how they are going to do. given that the republicans have articulated the idea that they are coming for blood. >> the president sacrifice his upper hand? did he act fight by not including the debt ceiling fight in the past deal? >> i don't think so. when you talk to democrats and republicans on capitol hill, democrats especially are positive that republicans gave in on the tax deal. so the president played a good hand, but not the best he had, he came out with republicans buckling on one of the key parts
1:46 pm
of their platform. >> "buzz feed" reports that republicans will be pushing for sbeelthsment reform, as you mentioned in the up coming talks and that creates quite a dilemma for democrats. no one in the party a agrees on how to dress the issue. are democrats that unprepared to fight off a represeonslaught on entitleme entitlements? >> the president said he would spaurlt changes, the challenges that the republicans -- pretty much every republican agrees that they want to cut spending and a lot of democrats do too, including the president of the united states, he wants to cut it in smaller ways, the president wants to find a big compromise that reviews the long-term deficit and a lot of democrats don't like the approach he endorsed. there's a coming internal divide on the on issue. >> go ahead. >> just picking up on that point. i think that is where kind of the rubber meets the road.
1:47 pm
that the president has definitely said yeah, he is absolutely for some kind of shift in change in entitlement reform. but he has been vague about what that looks like. >> both sides have. >> but that has been the problem. but also, that you have liberals coming into -- who have now become part of the democratic party that are ideologically -- you will have a warfare, but certainly a battle. >> i wonder if part of that is because there are a significant number of people that are on the far left that misunderstand the president? did they -- do they think that perhaps he is more liberal at his core than he is? >> i think the point a that the progressives are no going to be a major force over the next two years is a real one. from the story of the 112th congress was the tea party
1:48 pm
nipping at the heels of the republican leaders. with senators up in the upper chamber fighting the liberal fight. president obama, even if he wants to craft a grand bargain, he will face opposition. stay there, when we come back, we will dig into john boehner's week. c'mon dad! i'm here to unleash my inner cowboy... instead i got heartburn. [ horse neighs ] hold up partner. prilosec isn't for fast relief. try alka-seltzer. kills heartburn fast. yeehaw!
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>> the brain trust is back, it's ban rough few weeks for house speaker john boehner, culminating in a narrow victory. you woe this, "there were no cheers in that moment from boehner's supporters, just relief." can he steel lead? >> i think he can. 12 different republicans defected from boehner or voted
1:52 pm
for someone else on the house floor, but i think of a line from "the wire," if you come at the king, you best not miss. these 12 republicans, the back benchers they went at the king and they missed. and i think boehner will have struggles moving forward, caucus is hard to control. they rebelled against boehner during the fiscal cliff vote. he is still there, he has the power, the question is how does he use it moving forward. >> the wire reference, you had the wire reference. can you top that? i mean, can you work -- i mean, do you think -- perry, do you think he will be able to lead effectively? not just lead, but lead effectively? >> he will have to lead differently. he has been trying to craft grand bargains that will not work. he has to lead in a different way, he has to make sure that they are behind him first, does that mean effectively? he will keep the job, yes, but
1:53 pm
is he going to be the leading figure the way nancy pelosi was? no. >> you have no sympathy for john boehner and how he handled the sandy relief bill specifically? >> no, i mean, i really don't, i'm a new york radio host, we have been reporting on it every day, and to watch him do what he did, when you know what people are going through in the rock aways and coney island, it's just -- it was an exercise in a kind of disgust and offensiveness that made chris christie the most unlikely hero politically kaly in that moment. i think with house speaker boehner, two thing. one is that he has to grapple with the divide in his own party, as to how he has to navigate and pick up on perry's point about him needing to lead differently, in order for the leadership to be effective his grand bargains did not wash. i had a idea of him taking a
1:54 pm
long, long drink of henne after that vote. >> you and i both know he is not a henne man. >> robert costa we will leave it there, we appreciate all of your time, come back. >> thank you. >> be sure to join us tomorrow at 3:00 eastern time, right here for all the latest political headlines and be sure to catch "meet the press" tomorrow morning as my colleague, david gregory interviews senator minority leader mitch mcconnell and you can catch the reair right here on msnbc at 2:00, keep it here for the latest updates through the evening and have a fantastic saturday afternoon. ♪
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>> there were four guys in here. >> catching crimes that range from cold-blooded -- >> it was very brutal. >> to ridiculous. >> the subject was described as being dressed like a tree. >> they had garbage bags on their heads. they had these eyeholes torn surveillance cameras are
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